15 Incredible Curd Benefits and Possible Side Effects

Curd benefits and side effects

Friends, do you remember when your mother fed you curd before leaving for an exam or any important event? In India, eating curd before any important event is considered auspicious.

Curd is an important part of our diet, used daily in our indian home kitchens and it is not only delicious but also has great health benefits.

Curd contains protein, calcium, vitamins, and probiotics, which are very important for our physical and mental health.

We eat curd with hot parathas, in the form of sweet lassi or cold buttermilk. It is also consumed in the form of raita, curd rice and dahi vada.

Curd is made by adding the right bacteria to milk. Bacteria thicken the milk and give it a different flavor, which is sour. This process preserves the nutrients of milk for a long time.

Curd is mainly used to eat directly and also used in making different types of dishes. People also use it for beauty remedy and other benefits.

Curd is considered one of the healthiest foods in the world as it has numerous health benefits. So friends, in this article we will explore some important health benefits of eating curd.

15 Curd benefits and side effects | advantages of curd

curd benefits and side effects

1):- Panacea for bones and teeth Health

Curd is an ample source of calcium and phosphorus. Both these elements provide strength to the bones. Therefore, curd is a very reliable option to fulfill the calcium requirement of bones and teeth.

Regular consumption of curd strengthens the bones, which prevents serious problems like arthritis and osteoporosis.

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2):- Beneficial for immunity

The probiotics present in curd help in improving your digestive system and also improve your physical immunity.

These eliminate other harmful bacteria and increase the number of healthy bacteria in your gut, which helps keep your immune system healthy.

The power provided by curd to metabolism increases immunity. This immunity helps the body to fight various germs and stay healthy.

3):- Helpful for weight loss

People trying to lose weight must include curd in their diet plan. Curd with its rich amount of calcium helps fight obesity.

Also, the presence of protein and probiotics in curd makes it easy to control weight. It reduces appetite and gives you plenty of energy throughout the day after meals.

4):- Improves the digestive system

People suffering from digestive problems get immense benefits from regular consumption of curd. It has the ability to maintain balance in the acid level in the stomach. Curd’s ability to control pH levels makes it an ideal remedy for the digestive system.

Including curd in the diet helps in digesting other food effectively, thereby providing better nutrition to the entire body.

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5):- energy booster

If you are looking for an energy boost, curd is one of the best options to boost your energy. Rich in vitamins and minerals, curd is an energy booster.

It works as an antioxidant and curd helps you recover faster after an intense workout session. This is a great pre-workout food.

Curd benefits and side effects | advantages of curd

6):- Necessary for a healthy heart

Curd helps prevent and reduce heart problems. Including curd in the diet daily helps in reducing cholesterol level. It helps in healthy heart functioning.

Curd helps in smooth blood flow. Therefore, consumption of curd reduces the risk of heart related diseases to a great extent.

7):- Enhanced Nutrient Absorption

The probiotics present in curd not only aid digestion but also enhance the absorption of essential nutrients like calcium and B-vitamins, ensuring that your body gets the maximum benefits from the foods you eat.

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8):- Rich in protein

Curd is a valuable source of high-quality protein, which is essential for the repair and maintenance of body tissues. It is especially beneficial for vegetarians who want to meet their protein requirements.

9):- Beneficial for healthy skin

Curd has been used for skin care since ancient times. The minerals present in it provide nutrients to the skin to keep it glowing and healthy.

The components present in curd like Vitamin E, Zinc and others benefit the skin. Curd is also used as home skin care and cosmetic beauty care products.

Applying curd on the face improves the glow and softness of the skin and also helps in softening the skin.

10):- To control hair fall

People with hair problems like dry, lifeless hair, dandruff and other problems should use curd. The lactic acid present in curd provides nutrients and minerals to the scalp, which reduces dandruff.

Curd also works as a conditioner for hair. Mixing a small amount of curd with henna gives effective results in case of hair fall and thickening.

Curd benefits and side effects | advantages of curd

11):- Control blood sugar level

The easily digestible protein in curd helps in controlling blood sugar level. Greek yogurt is known to reduce the risk of heart disease and control blood sugar in people with diabetes.

12):- Improves mental health

According to research, curd provides relaxation and emotional balance to the brain. It reduces stress levels and helps fight anxiety. All these effects make it a reliable remedy for mental health.

13):- Anti-inflammatory properties

Curd contains anti-inflammatory blend that can help reduce inflammation in the body. This makes it a valuable addition to the diet for individuals struggling with inflammatory conditions.

14):- Colon Cancer Prevention

The probiotics in curd may play a role in reducing the risk of colon cancer by promoting a healthy environment in the digestive tract and preventing the growth of harmful bacteria | eating curd benefits

15):- Management of Diabetes

Curd has a low glycemic index and can help manage blood sugar levels. It can be a healthy snack option for individuals with diabetes, providing a balance of proteins and carbohydrates | curd benefits for health

Curd side effects | curd disadvantages

There may be some possible side effects of eating curd, let us know which people should not eat curd. Diabetic or overweight people should not eat curd with sugar, otherwise the sugar level may increase and weight may also increase.

  • Due to the presence of sodium, excessive consumption of curd can be harmful for bones. At the same time, those who suffer from joint pain should avoid consuming sour and cold curd.
  • Curd is cold in nature, hence it should be eaten at room temperature only. At the same time, one should avoid its consumption at night in cold weather.
  • The reason that calcium is found in abundance in curd is beneficial for bones. But arthritis patients should avoid eating curd, otherwise it can be harmful.
  • Consumption of curd can also be harmful for asthma patients. As a result, asthma patients should avoid consuming curd.
  • People who often suffer from cold and cough or are allergic to cold, should avoid eating curd, because for some people the problem of cold and cough can increase further due to consumption of curd.

final thoughts

curd benefits and side effects

Curd benefits and side effects

Consuming curd is not only delicious, but it is also very beneficial for your health. You can also include it in your diet with your favorite fruits or vegetarian dishes and avail its benefits.

Note, it is important that you should consume curd with caution, especially if you have any allergy related to milk or curd.

Therefore, eating curd helps you stay healthy, and it helps in improving your physical and mental health. By including it in your diet you can change your life in a healthy direction (daily curd benefits).

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