What happens if we sleep less | lack of sleep side effects

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What happens if we sleep less | Let’s find out

Friends, do you know that sleep is no less than a boon for us. A better sleep is very important to refresh our mind and give rest to other parts of the body.

On one hand, good eating habits are very important for a healthy life, on the other hand, getting good sleep is equally important.

But, in today’s busy lifestyle, people forget sleep and either remain busy in their work or get busy with their mobile phones.

If you also think that as soon as we close our eyes, other parts of our body also stop working, then let us tell you that it is not true.

While we sleep, many parts of our body work to clean the toxic substances from the body, so that when we wake up in the morning, we feel light.

Sleeping is not only important for the internal organs of the body, but it is also very beneficial for the skin.

Health experts says that people who do not get enough sleep, feel problems like lethargy, fatigue, lack of interest in work on the next day.

To remain healthy, a normal person must take 7-8 hours of sleep daily. So friends, let us know that if you do not get enough sleep continuously, then how does it affects the body?

What happens if we sleep less | 11 Disadvantages of lack of sleep

1:- Problem Of Aging Due To Lack of Sleep

Aging i.e. appearance of signs of premature aging on the skin can also be due to inadequate sleep. According to a research, lack of sleep can cause fine lines, uneven pigmentation and loss of skin elasticity.

Research confirms that people who get less or insufficient sleep appear more tired, have red and swollen eyes, and droopy eyelids.

Along with this, dark circles under the eyes, yellow skin and more wrinkles also start appearing.

2:- Inadequate sleep has bad effect on fertility

One of the disadvantages of getting less sleep is its negative impact on fertility. In fact, due to continuous lack of sleep, the sperm count and their survival rate also reduces.

Also, lack of sleep increases the level of anti-sperm antibodies, which damages sperm and also affects fertility.

3:- Risk of depression due to less sleep

Insufficient sleep is also a reason for the problem of depression. A research conducted on sleep and depression also confirms that getting less amount of sleep increases the risk of depression by 25 to 38 percent.

Lack of sleep also increases the risk of bad mood, which is a symptom of depression.

4:- Disturbance in digestion due to insufficient sleep

Poor quality of sleep not only affects a person mentally, but its effect is also seen in the form of digestive disorders.

In a research, it has been confirmed that sleep disturbance increases many types of intestinal disorders along with digestive disorders. These disorders include liver diseases, acidity, intestinal inflammation, peptic diseases, etc.

Apart from this, upper abdominal pain, heartburn, increased appetite or flatulence, vomiting, nausea, and acidity problems can also be caused by lack of sleep.

5:- Blood pressure problem due to inadequate sleep

Can lack of sleep cause high blood pressure

Lack of sleep and short sleep duration can also cause high blood pressure problems. In fact, insufficient sleep or changes in sleep quality acts as a neurobiological and physical stress, which impairs brain functions.

This can also increase the risk of hypertension i.e. blood pressure problem (lack of sleep and blood pressure).

6:- Weak immunity due to less sleep

What happens if we sleep less

It is believed that due to improper sleep, it not only affects the immune system but also affected the overall health.

For this reason, it is said that if someone does not get enough sleep for a long time, he may also suffer from immunodeficiency (weakening of the immune system).

During sleep, our body’s ability to fight diseases and infections also increases, hence it is considered very important for our immunity.

If someone does not get enough sleep, their immunity can be adversely affected.

7:- Lack of sleep leads to cancer

Lack of sleep disease | Insomnia

Lack of sleep can affect your physical and mental health, weakening your immune system and also your body’s defenses.

As a result, your body’s ability to support itself may decrease, it ultimately increases the risk of cancer.

According to a research, short duration of sleep or insufficient sleep can also increase the risk of tumors causing cancer.

In research, it is also mentioned that due to lack of sleep, the risk of breast cancer is higher (What happens if we sleep less).

8:- Mood disturbance due to lack of sleep

Lack of sleep side effects brain | lack of sleep problems

In fact, lack of sleep and quality of sleep are directly related not only to our brain functioning but also to our emotions, which also affects our mood.

According to research, a normal person needs at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night to maintain mental and physical health.

If sleep is inadequate, there will be changes in mood, due to which the person may become irritable. Besides, it can also cause problems like anxiety, depression and mood swings.

Due to bad mood, mental state is also negatively affected. This not only increases aggression but can also lead to anger (lack of sleep effects).

9:- Lack of sleep increases obesity

What happens if we sleep less

Does lack of sleep cause weight gain or loss

Chronic lack of sleep or inadequate sleep quality can also increase the chances of obesity. Not only sleeping less, but due to sleep disturbance there is also a risk of obesity in the future.

Research has also found that the level of leptin hormone, which causes the feeling of satiety, starts decreasing due to less sleep.

Due to this, one feels like eating something again and again at night, as a result of which extra calories start getting accumulated in the body, which can lead to increase in fat.

Due to these reasons, it is said that less sleep increases the risk of obesity (does lack of sleep cause weight gain).

10:- Risk of osteoporosis due to less sleep

What happens if we sleep less

Side effects of lack of sleep

Due to not getting good sleep, bones start becoming weak. Apart from this, the balance of minerals present in the bones also starts getting disturbed, as a result of which the problem of joint pain arises (effect of lack of sleep).

11:- Lack of sleep affects mental state

What happens if we sleep less
Lack of sleep side effects | Disadvantages of lack of sleep

Less sleep also has a direct impact on our mental state. The longer we sleep, the longer our brain gathers new energy.

But, due to lack of sleep, the brain does not get refreshed (energetic), as a result many mental problems arise and sometimes memory related problems also arise (sleep less side effects).

How much sleep do you need

What happens if we sleep less

What happens if we sleep less

A healthy child to adult requires different sleep duration in 24 hours.

  • A newborn baby should sleep for 16 to 18 hours.
  • 10 to 12 hours of sleep is necessary for children.
  • Teenagers should take 9 to 10 hours of sleep.
  • Adults need 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

Of course, exercise and a better diet help keep the body healthy, but along with all this, getting good or adequate sleep is also an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

A little carelessness regarding this can lead to a major disease in the future. We have already told you above that not getting enough sleep can lead to untimely old age.

Just keep yourself away from diseases, feeling young and fresh by getting enough sleep (disadvantages of lack of sleep).

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